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Seo Process

What Is SEO or How To Work On It

What Is SEO Process or How To Work On SEO

In Previous post I tell to you that What is SEO?
Today in this artcile I will tell that how to wok on the SEO? First of the all I will talk about the Strategy that what is your Strategy,and what is purpose of your particular website.For example, you want that your website rank on the top of the search enigne on a particlur keyword in the pakistan,then for this we set up a plane, then we fellow this plane to rank own or client website on the targated keywords.
Website Analysis
When we prepared a plane or strategy,then after this we need to analyse the website like an SEO expert.When we are analysing the website then one particular thing come to our way,that is high ranked other website.We can analyse own website by finding the error in other high ranked website and by removing these errors from own website.By doing this we can low off the ranking of other site and we can rank own site at the top of the search engine. If we want to bring the website on the top of the search engine then we need to far the weekness of the designing and structure of the website.Check iframe and plugin that use in your website/blog ,Is slow down your blog.If they are slow down speed of the opening of the blog then remove them from the blog.Also check the content and meta tags of the content that used,and fulfill them also.
After this,backlink is also an important thing in ranking the blog/website.Now one question come in your mind that what is the backlink? I will give you answer of this question to you.In short word we can say that backlink is to share the link of own website on other website.For example we have a post on our site related to the Seo then we copy the link of that post, after copying the link of that post we share this link in the other website comment box related to the SEO then this process will be called backlinking.
If we need to rank the other keywords of the website then we need to repeat this proccess again for to again rank the keyword.

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