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How To Lock Unlock Computer/Laptop Via Android or Iphone

How To Lock Unlock Computer/Laptop Via Android or iphone

I hope this is an helpful trick for you to protect your computer or laptop from illegal or unauthorized user. Today in this post I will tell you that how to unlock computer/laptop from android or iphone. Many of the illegal users want to excess the data and they can easily unlock your computer or laptop without any problem. Because the password default security provide by the computer or laptop can easily be break in this modern age. And the trick that I bring for your is 100% working and it is possible and you can easily protect your computer or laptop from illegal users. You can now login your window system by using android and iphone. This is a two step process and it is cool method. And you can do this method by using the third party application in your android and iphone that provide us feature to lock and unlock computer or laptop. How we can do this, it is only possible when we have a Smartphone. We need a Smartphone to do this process. By using this method, without Smartphone we cannot unlock computer or laptop. We need to connect Smartphone with the PC/Laptop . Below i give all steps in detail to protect computer from illegal user.
How To Lock/Unlock PC or Laptop Via Android & iphone

Fellow the below to complete this process.
Step 1 First of All Download and Install Rohos Logon Key software in your Smartphone and in Computer and Laptop. The link of the software are given below.
Download Rohos For Android
Download Rohos For Windows
Download Rohos For Mac
Download Rohos For Iphone

Step 2 After installation Rohos Logon Key in your Computer open it & click on the Option tab
Step 3 The setting that is happen in the Image that I given below also you do this. Fill all option that are given in image.

Step 4 After doing all setting click on the OK
Step 5 Now you need to do key setup, choose the QR method.
Step 6 Now also Download the Application in your Smartphone according to the operating system from the links that I given in the step 1
Step 7 Open the application and detect the QR code that is on the computer screen by your smartphone.
Step 8 Congrats now your PC Laptop is authenticated and when you need to unlock the PC then you need smartphone to authenticate.
I hope this article will be helpful for you to protect the computer from illegal by using only your Smartphone.

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