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How To Make oney Online Using

How To Make Money Online Using

Hi friends many of the people searching about how to make money online or how to make money on internet, so today in this post I will tell you to how to make money online without any investment.Today method I will share with you is very easy and real method to make money online.The method is about to use to make is new and modern method to make money online. This website make your long into short link.

For Example:

Logn link=
After using website the link will be like this.
Short link=

Its mean it make the long link into small link.By doing this work, website pay us money.Your are now thinking about this, that how it is possible that a short link pay us money. I give you answer of your this question.

In this modern age, without advertisement no any business can progress. When on internet a new website come then it is submitted on the search engine, so that visitor come to this. Like this, website traffic is increased ny Link Exchanging. is like the Google adsense that do advertisement, but its method is quite different from the Google adsense.
If you are using the facebook then you can make money by using the Then you start your own work, when you find a new one website and you want to share it with your friends or people then make short link of that website with Go to the website and Log In your account in the

After log in the account in the empty box paste your new website and click on the Shrink, when you click on the shrink then your link will be replace by a new one link. Then Copy that link and share it with your friends or people. When your friend click on that link then page of will be open, at the upper right corner there is written Skip Ad, when your friend Click on Skip Ad then your friend will be go to require website. Then you will get your commission. Like this if you have more other website then you can make that website short link and can share it with friends/people to make money.
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For to get payment you need to create a AlertPay account. Because you can only get your payment by using alertpay account. Other payment method also availble, but that payment method are not allowed in pakistan. Only AlertPay service is available in paksitan. Earning Proof is given below in screenshot. payment

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