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What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)?

What Is Seo?

Seo stand for Search Engine Optimization.This is an online marketing technique,by using this we can bring a particular keyword of own website on the top of the search engine.
What is Keyword
This is a word that we use in the website or in the youtube video title and discription to bring the website or video on the top of the search engine.I tell to you one thing that 75% of traffic come from the search engine on the website.Some of the SEO expert take thousand or lac of rupees to bring one keyword of the website on the top of the seaarch engine.
What Is Search Engine
Search engine is a program by which we can search any topic in the world of the website.You also know about the Google Search Engine and you also daily use it for different researches.Many of the other search engine available in the world of the internet but most of the traffic come to the website by the google search engine.When one or more than one visitor visit a website,then that visitor are called the traffic of the website.
Why SEO is necessary?
When we construct a website then we keep many of the thing in mind while construction of the website,one of the most important thing is that how to make a website SEO friendly. So search engine can send a lot of traffic to our website.And SEO do this work to bring our unknown website on the search engine.When our website shown on the search engine then day by day traffic of our site will be increase. When traffic increase then your website will become the machine of the money(dollar).

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